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Doing Customer Development (and stop wasting your time)


AUG 2014

Everybody can come up with the next BIG idea. The next big thing which is going to revolutionise the world! You see a problem, and you think to yourself, that whatever it is you are going to build, will solve that problem for a lot of people. And is, of course, going to make you rich, filthy rich. The next Zuckerberg or Page, am I right?

You wake up one morning in this beautiful bubble, and you start building straight away, as soon as your product or service is ready to be shared with the world all your customers will come flocking in, and you are set for life!

In the end, 9 out of 10 businesses fail, all because of one little word. Entrepreneurship is not risky….if you understand this word. However, it is responsible for all of the risk in entrepreneurship.

It has broken more business…
Shamed more entrepreneurs…
Created more failed products…

And no one is immune to it (I can speak from personal experience about this). But once you understand what this word means everything will change.

More products will be successful…
More entrepreneurs will be happy…
More businesses will change the world…

Do you know what this one word is?


During some different workshops I’ve been given, over the last year with events like Evolv Weekend and others, I always here people:

Why would you bother talking to people, while you actually could be building and working on your product?

Because everything that you assume could be wrong, that is why! Assumptions about your target customers, assumptions about the problem you want to solve, assumptions about solutions to those problems.

What is it to say that whatever problem you see, somebody else has that same problem? Or what is there to say that the solution to that problem is a solution that other people want to accept as a solution?

And then again, even if somebody accepts your solution to their problem are they even willing to pay for that solution? Time to validate those assumptions and start your business on the right track.

Below you can find your first steps to starting on the right track, got some feedback? Be sure to share it in the comments below!

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