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Hans van Gent

Who is Hans van Gent?

Marketing runs through the veins of Hans, who’s always trying to get the most out of life and business.

He works as Head of Digital at The Oval Office in Belgium. In his work, he’s always pushing the envelope of technology, digital media and looking for new creative ways to help them get more sales, raise awareness and build their (digital) brand.

In the past, he worked successfully on various campaigns and online platforms for some of the bigger brands of Unilever, Nestlé, Amnesty International, World Nature Fund, the European Parliament and Commission, PSA Group, ING, Ferrero, and others.

Next to his work in advertising, he mentors startup founders about customer development and applying lean startup mechanics for branding and marketing.

He’s spoken about this subject at Google Campus Madrid and is named one of the top 20 Content Marketers to follow by Small Business Trends.

He mentors and helps to organise at StartupBus (former director Europe), the Startup Foundation Experience, StartupWeekend, and online via 24sessions.

He also launched Inbound Rocket as a way for struggling businesses to generate more leads through their (WordPress) website.

Specialities: creative thinker, knowledgeable in fields ranging from marketing strategy, CRM, Customer and Business Development, inbound marketing, campaigning, growth hacking, social, (online) marketing to SEO.


Andy Crestodina“All the content Hans creates is practical, original and well-researched. If Hans wrote it, it’s worth the click.”

Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder / Strategic Director of Orbit Media

Ben Jacobson“Hans is a top-notch marketing blogger. I find his posts to be consistently compelling, well-structured, entertaining and insightful. His expertise in the inbound and growth marketing landscapes is comprehensive and always up-to-date. Definitely a talent to keep your eyes on.”

Ben Jacobson

Ben Jacobson, marketing strategy consultant. Writer for The Next Web, ClickZ, the HubSpot blog and Orbit Media.

Aaron Orendorff“If you want content that cuts through the clutter, adds value with practical takeaways, drives action, and is based on real-world research … then there are few people doing it better than Hans. Read, share, and do whatever you can to work with him.”

Aaron Orendorff

Forbes Top 25 Marketing Influencer

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