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What’s your #1 Tip for Increasing Traffic to a New Website?

AUG 2017

When you launch a website, it can be pretty frustrating when you realize that traffic doesn’t just show up at your door.

Starting at zero is tough, but I’ll clue you in on some solutions to solve this.

Henry Foster went and asked some experts for their thoughts on the matter.

“What is your #1 tip for increasing traffic to a new website?”

With responses from a varying array of professionals, there’s sure to be an actionable strategy for your traffic problem.

My response?

For people to be able to find your new site you need to do a lot of different things to help get that initial traction going.


However, just initial traction isn’t enough. You want sustainable long term traffic, and the best way to do that is by producing high-quality content and spread that content on the places where your ideal customers are.


Maybe you can piggyback on an existing mailing list of someone within your industry, depending on your budget you can acquire a good ranking website in your industry and migrate its content and ranking.


But probably the easiest and cheapest option, starting a business and creating content might already be expensive enough, is re-purposing your content on different high authority website and scoring links back from those websites.


Medium has the option to import your content and to republish it on their platform.


And Medium even adds a canonical tag automatically. What that means is any backlinks that that Medium blog posts get, all the authority pushes through to your original blog post.


Use a camera and record your content to republish it on YouTube with a link back to the original content, create a SlideShare deck out of your content and have it link back, etc.


There are lots of different ways to republish your content, get a different set of eyeballs on them and trigger the people from your existing network to come back to your main website. Just make sure, that they don’t leave straight after 😉

Don’t forget to check out the other responses, you might learn a thing or two.

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